How to Work

Here we show how Duck RO provide you healthy & pure water by the some kind of filtration method.



Pre filter polypropylene yarn bonded Removed suspended impurities like particles, rust & dust.


Sediment filter spur pp cartridge Acts as a final filter to remove smelter particular of l micro and remaining particles reduces fine turbidity.


Pre carbon filter (silver impregranated activated carbon filter) Remove color, odour, free, gases chemicals and absorb organic, pesticides.


Reverse osmosis membrane made from thin film composite (TFC) 0.0001 micron Removes T D S Hardness, heavy metals like lead mercury papa calcium, and all kind of particles and also removes organism like bacteria, virus and protozoa cysts.


Silver nano post activated carbon It contains very fine grade of silver dosing media. RO water passing through this stage Gets supplemented with trace of silver equivalent to 15-20ppd as recommended by who standards this trace quantity of silver impearls taste conditioner and activated carbon helps in reviving the original taste of water .


Ultra violet-e- Boiling process In this stage water is passing through UV barrel and the ultra violet rase killing of harmful bacteria & viruses are deactivated for 48 hours. So you insure that your water as safe as water boiled for 20 minutes.


UF membrane Finally in this stage water passes through ultra filtration membrane & insures that your drinking water is safe & pure from all kind of viruses & bacteria.